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Psychoneuroimmunology: It sounds fancy and it is.
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I'm studying psychology in school right now and have chosen to do my research paper on psychoneuroimmunology.  That is the study of the way the immune system is controlled by our minds.  More specificially, it's actually the study of how the immune system is part of our mind.  I read a book last night called Healing and the Mind.  It is basically a series of interviews with scientists who study this stuff.  The one woman said that our entire bodies ARE our minds.  Our bodies know things.  We have neuropeptides running through every part of our body that tells our body how to react: get sick, be happy, feel angry, all of that stuff.  They act as messengers traveling all around our bodies.

I'm hoping learning about this will enlighten me as to how we as humans can have control over the health of our minds/moods and our physical bodies.  The more research that is done in this field the further we're going to get with learning about how to control our state of being.  We are essentially a collection of molecules, like a computer program.  The woman in the same interview, Candance Pert, said that there is this "mystery energy" that exists, but scientists don't know what it is.  It is kind of the missing link between fully understanding how our minds and bodies are connected.

According to Pert, the Latin root word of health is whole.  Apparently, our ancestors were more clued in than we'd like to think.

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Exciting stuff! Hope you don't mind that I just found your post and commented here, but I'm doing my Masters thesis on this. How did your research paper go?

It went okay. Honestly, it was confusing, but very fascinating. Science is moving at light speed these days.

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